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NCFC 2010 Booth

 Welcome NCFC'er!

First off, a little information about what SVO is and what goals we have for it:

 The first public "NCFC" version is released! Check the frontpage for more info!

We believe Earthbound fans living in a country other than Japan have been neglected by Nintendo for far too long. Our response to this is Saturn Valley Online. We're convinced that an online game could unite the fans and make Earthbound popular allover the world. Are you a person who likes Earthbound and hates the fact Nintendo of America did not put Earthbound on the Virtual Console nor release Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 in the US? Do you believe getting together online with other Earthbound fans will have a positive effect on Earthbound's popularity and perhaps make Nintendo reconsider? If so, Saturn Valley Online is a game, a community, for you!


The game is an MMORPG or online multiplayer game based on the style of the humorous  Mother (Earthbound) series RPGs published by Nintendo. The project started back in 2006 when Skye was annoyed by the fact Earthbound was being ignored by Nintendo of America, it was originally a one man project but soon other people who felt the same way showed interest and started to help out.
This group became Team Skyon
Our goal is to create an Earthbound styled world for Mother fans, old, new and uninitiated; to explore together. This game puts emphasis on the social side of gaming, so we encourage people to sign up and mingle on our forums and give us ideas that might improve the game. If we combine everyone's ideas, we can make Saturn Valley's New Morel a place where people come together, chat, play and enjoy the company of other fans of the series.
The game also puts an emphasis on content, our approach to quests for example, is quality over quantity. Saturn Valley Online is a game that will be bursting with references and jokes about almost anything we think will be funny for the players, but it will be presented to to you in carefully planned out quests, "dungeons" and other diversions such as mini-games. 


 Check out some of the screenshots (left: new gallery, right: old one):

new SVO gallery old gallery

And our test battle system (old version):


For more information, please check the forums! You can also check out the old youtube videos.