Saturn Valley Online, the Earthbound MMORPG!

SVO on hold

Hi all,
As you've seen not much has happened here lately. Currently our focus is required elsewhere so we don't have time to work on SVO at the moment.
If you're an experienced C# developer and would like to continue SVO, feel free to contact us and we'll see what can be done.

SVO playable

Hey guys,
We've managed to get the server back up after quite a while of downtime. We also know that SVO is still not quite in a state where you can level up decently with the current turned based battle system. We hope to fix that in an upcoming release.
Things we'll focus on are:
- Battle system
- Shops and Hotels
- NPC Conversations
- Equipment
It's like fate doesn't want us to come back, the power supply of the server broke, please bare with us!

Update Maintenance

Update: The server has been updated to revision 9 along with the game (version 0.7).
Please post any errors you encounter on the forum.
To see all the new and good stuff check the Version History page.
The server will be down for maintenance while we prepare for the update. Stay tuned!

Updates updates updates

Hey guys,
This is just a quck update to what was done over the weekend by DarkSummon (a friend over at the Netgore engine community):
  • Hotels (talk to NPC, pay, get sent to your room with full HP/PP)
  • Incorrect respawn points were fixed
  • Battle option navigation supports selection by arrow keys and spacebar
  • A surprise concerning the battle system
  • Rope climbing animations
  • World notifications (Player joined/left EB/SVO world)
  • Clientside commands (e.g. /logout and /quit)
  • Signs now support text over multiple lines
  • The SVO world will be temporarily unavailable until it is playable
And hopefully more to come soon! We'd love to get out a new release but before that happens the shops, phones and equipment features need some polishing. Stay tuned!

SVO Developer Diary #1

Check out how we add new areas and NPCs in SVO!

SVO 0.7 rev9

Players Server Offline
(7:13 pm Jun 29)
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