Saturn Valley Online, the Earthbound MMORPG!

Update Maintenance

Update: The server has been updated to revision 9 along with the game (version 0.7).
Please post any errors you encounter on the forum.
To see all the new and good stuff check the Version History page.
The server will be down for maintenance while we prepare for the update. Stay tuned!

Updates updates updates

Hey guys,
This is just a quck update to what was done over the weekend by DarkSummon (a friend over at the Netgore engine community):
  • Hotels (talk to NPC, pay, get sent to your room with full HP/PP)
  • Incorrect respawn points were fixed
  • Battle option navigation supports selection by arrow keys and spacebar
  • A surprise concerning the battle system
  • Rope climbing animations
  • World notifications (Player joined/left EB/SVO world)
  • Clientside commands (e.g. /logout and /quit)
  • Signs now support text over multiple lines
  • The SVO world will be temporarily unavailable until it is playable
And hopefully more to come soon! We'd love to get out a new release but before that happens the shops, phones and equipment features need some polishing. Stay tuned!

SVO Developer Diary #1

Check out how we add new areas and NPCs in SVO!

Earthbound released on VC

Earthbound got released on the Virtual Console today, I guess I'm the first to admit that obviously we didn't make our targeted release date (aka the VC release date) which is today. It's a shame because we've got quite a bit up our sleeves for you guys.
Worry not, though! Our very own mister Kraken (Darkfrost) has finished his student job at a mobile apps software developer and should be able to whip up a few things in the nearby future.
In case you haven't followed the development log, Worship has finished a whole bunch of paperdolling graphics, so customization is very much in the pipeline for one of the next releases! The Earthbound world has been expanded up to the Dusty Dunes Desert as well.
Stay tuned for more Earthbound goodness!

Release goals

Hi all!
While we're busy working on a new version of SVO we'd like to share some details on what needs to be at an acceptable level to push the update.
  • Battle System: Fully keyboard controlled, at least 1 Player vs 1 Enemy, all sound effects, able to use items, win sequence
  • Character Creation: paperdoll support for the EB world, more intuitive layout
  • Ingame GUI: return of the status/button bar, more intuitive window controls
  • Misc.: Inventory, Equipment, Shops, Hotels, Hospitals (healers for status ailments)
Those are some of the core mechanics of the game, once they are working decently SVO will be a lot more enjoyable for you to experience! Aside from this we would also like to focus on the social side. Because this is an online game, people are supposed to play the game together and what's better than being in a party with your friends or having your very own troop (guild)? We've been working on reintroducing the friendlist as well as the "Who's online" list so you can see who you can tag along with in the blink of an eye.
And last but certainly not least, there have been a couple of stability upgrades and updates to the graphics library so people with Intel Integrated GPU's should be able to run the game without any issues.
Hopefully this has given you an idea what we're aiming for, check back soon for more updates!